Cute Gold Mirror Grip Ring



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This small but excellent ring will improve the grip you have on your smartphone. No, not for your ring finger, but to attach to the back of your device.

How does it work?

The ring will be sent to you with a sticker on the side that you stick on your phone (We recommend to stick the ring on a phone case, then you have no glue residue left behind on your smartphone and you can occasionally alternate between ring or Popsocket!).

If you remove the sticker, the strong 3M glue will start working. Then carefully place the sticky side of the ring on the spot where you want to put it: in the middle, slightly more towards the bottom. Now you can use the ring!

  • Designed for all smartphones;
  • Available in gold or rosegold;
  • With a little mirror and bow;
  • Very user-friendly.

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