iPhone 5/5S/SE - Coffee Organika Case



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To cope with our everyday lives we need plenty of energy and nothing defines it better than that first cup of coffee in the morning. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wakes us up and makes us feel alive. With unique smartphone covers made from hand picked actual organic materials. They stand out with their looks and also have a natural scent which gives you a style like no other because each case is hand crafted and one of a kind.

NOTE: The delivery time for this case is a little longer than usual, take 3-4 business days into account.

  • Designed for iPhone 5/5S/SE;
  • Available with black or white edges;
  • Made out of hand picked sustainable organic material;
  • Amazing natural scent and feeling;
  • Durable and water-resistant for maximum protection.
iPhone 5/5S/SE Zwart: MM10095
iPhone 6/6S Zwart: MM10096
iPhone 6/6S Plus Zwart: MM10097
iPhone 7/8 Zwart: MM10098
iPhone 7/8 Plus Zwart: MM10099
Samsung Galaxy S5 Zwart: MM10100
Samsung Galaxy S6 Zwart: MM10101
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Zwart: MM10102
Samsung Galaxy S7 Zwart: MM10103
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Zwart: MM10104
Samsung Galaxy S8 Zwart: MM10283
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: MM10284

iPhone 5/5S/SE Wit: MM10105
iPhone 6/6S Wit: MM10106
iPhone 6/6S Plus Wit: MM10107
iPhone 7/8 Wit: MM10108
iPhone 7/8 Plus Wit: MM10109
Samsung Galaxy S5 Wit: MM10110
Samsung Galaxy S6 Wit: MM10111
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wit: MM10112
Samsung Galaxy S7 Wit: MM10113
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wit: MM10114
Samsung Galaxy S8 Wit: MM10311
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Wit: MM10312 

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