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At CasoModa you will find several covers for your smartphone that protect the back and sides of your smartphone against every impact and every fall.

However, we can not promise you that with a phone case alone the front of your smartphone will also remain scratch-free. To make sure that your smartphone is optimally protected, we advise you to purchase a screen protector in addition to a case.

A screen protector does not have to be monotonous or just a layer of plastic or glass. These high-quality glass screen protectors are available in 3 different colors. Which color fits best with your phone case?

  • Glass screenprotector that keeps your iPhone 5/5S/SE scratch-free;
  • Available in black, white and gold;
  • Made from special 9H tempered glass;
  • Touchscreen stays just as sensitive as before!

Follow these few steps to apply your screenprotector succesfully:

    1. Wipe the screen of your smartphone with the damp cloth
    2. Dry your screen with the dry cloth
    3. Remove the plastic film from the glass screen protector
    4. Place the screen protector on the screen and slowly press it from top to bottom or vice versa.
iPhone 5/5S: 11036
iPhone 6/6S: 11037
iPhone 7: 11038
iPhone 7 Plus: 11039
iPhone 8: 11040
iPhone 8 Plus: 11041

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