iPhone 6/6S - 3 in 1 Hardcase Luxury Look | Pink & Rose Gold



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Looking for a modern and neat case that gives your iPhone a luxurious look? Then you no longer have to search because this beautiful case meets all your needs.

You can choose from 5 different colors: black, silver, red, gold and pink.

The hardcase consists of 3 different parts: the back (which you place on your smartphone first), and a top and bottom piece in a golden color (which you then attach to the back by means of a click system).

  • Designed for iPhone 6/6S;
  • Available in black, red, gold, silver and pink;
  • Hardcase that immediately gives your smartphone a luxurious look;
  • Thanks to the recesses, you can continue to use all functions.

Attention: When attaching the case, first place the backside on the smartphone and then attach the top and bottom piece.

iPhone 5/5S/SE: 10642 (red) 10647 (pink) 10652 (black) 10657 (gold) 10662 (silver)
iPhone 6/6S: 10643 (red) 10648 (pink) 10653 (black) 10658 (gold) 10663 (silver)
iPhone 6/6S Plus: 10644 (red) 10649 (pink) 10654 (black) 10658 (gold) 10664 (silver)
iPhone 7: 10645 (rood) 10650 (red) 10655 (black) 10659 (gold) 10665 (silver)
iPhone 7 Plus: 10646 (rood) 10651 (red) 10656 (black) 10660 (gold) 10666 (silver)

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