iPhone 6/6S - Alpine Hay Organika Case



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We all find ourselves in moments when our thoughts wander into the realm of our childhood memories. All those long summers at our grandparent’s place, running barefoot through the backyard, the whiff of freshly cut grass floating in the air and not a single care in the world. 

With unique smartphone covers made from hand picked actual organic materials. They stand out with their looks and also have a natural scent which gives you a style like no other because each case is hand crafted and one of a kind.

NOTE: The delivery time for this case is a bit longer than usual, please allow 3-4 business days.

  • Designed for iPhone 6/6S;
  • Available in white or black borders;
  • Made out of hand picked sustainable organic material;
  • Amazing natural scent and feeling;
  • Durable and water-resistant for maximum protection.
iPhone 5/5S/SE Zwart: MM10075
iPhone 6/6S Zwart: MM10076
iPhone 6/6S Plus Zwart: MM10077
iPhone 7 Zwart: MM10078
iPhone 7 Plus Zwart: MM10079
Samsung Galaxy S5 Zwart: MM10080
Samsung Galaxy S6 Zwart: MM10081
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Zwart: MM10082
Samsung Galaxy S7 Zwart: MM10083
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Zwart: MM10084
Samsung Galaxy S8 Zwart: MM10281
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Zwart: MM10282
iPhone 5/5S/SE Wit: MM10085
iPhone 6/6S Wit: MM10086
iPhone 6/6S Plus Wit: MM10087
iPhone 7 Wit: MM10088
iPhone 7 Plus Wit: MM10089
Samsung Galaxy S5 Wit: MM10090
Samsung Galaxy S6 Wit: MM10091
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wit: MM10092
Samsung Galaxy S7 Wit: MM10093
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wit: MM10094
Samsung Galaxy S8 Wit: MM10309
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Wit: MM10310 

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