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Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to check your make-up or wanted to see if your hair is well, but you did not have a mirror anywhere close.

Then this iPhone case could be your lifesaver in the future! The backside has a mirror effect so you you can check your make-up or your hair anytime you want. 

In addition to the reflective foil, this case also has an elegant and detailed design and a shock-resistant edge.

With this case you always have a mirror at hand AND your smartphone is protected all day!

  • Designed for iPhone 6/6S;
  • Hardcase of excellent quality with mirror effect;
  • Black, shockproof edges;
  • An elegant and detailed design;
  • Equipped with cutouts, so all functions of your phone remain available.
iPhone 6/6S: 10350
iPhone 6/6S Plus: 10351
iPhone 7: 10352
iPhone 7 Plus: 10353

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